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We have selected the very best products in the market place and with our policy of continuing product development, our customers benefit from an innovative range of roofline, windows and flat roofs.

Craftsman`s roofline installations are carried out using Freefoam Pvc and carry a lifetime guarantee on all white products.

Craftman’s flat roofs use the Firestone EPDM system. Unlike felt roofs, Firestone roofing is less likely to leak. Throughout the UK and worldwide, it has been known as one of the best roofing systems on the market. Ideal for porches, garages and extensions, Firestone roofing has been noted for its longevity, with installations lasting for over 50 years under European climate conditions.

Company Overview

Craftsman Cladding was founded in 1998 and have grown over the years to become one of the most reputable home improvement companies in Scotland.

We specialise in the installation of the following products:-

  • Firestone EPDM Flat Roofing
  • Freefoam PVC Roofline Systems
  • Bespoke Conservatory Roof Conversions
  • Inliten Pvc Windows & Doors

  • We provide unmatched guarantees for our installations and have received licensed contractor accreditation from all our major suppliers
  • We have successfully installed over 10,000 installations for our customers throughout Scotland and Northern England
  • We are also the largest Independent Roofline Installer in Scotland
  • Established since 1998. We provide the best high quality products installed to the highest standards, at very competitive prices

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