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The roofline area is the most exposed area of any building, and often it is the most neglected area of your home. It is advised to regularly strip off all the old paint back to the bare wood and then to treat and paint the wood every 3 years at the maximum.However with the pressures of modern life this rarely happens. This is where Craftsman can help.

Strip off old wood …

Craftsman always remove the old wood and are licensed to remove the asbestos cement products that we frequently come across. This is necessary for two reasons; firstly the uPVC products we use must be anchored to a suitable base. Secondly it is vitally important to introduce ventilation to your loft space.

In partnership with the best

We have been successfully installing Freefoam Pvc roofline materials for over fifteen years. Recently “Freefoam” introduced a lifetime guarantee on all white products and a 10 year guarantee on coloured products.

This gives our customers the greatest confidence to know that they will have the best materials installed around the roofline area of their home.

How can we help you?

All of our staff have extensive knowledge about the products that we use. We offer a free initial survey, which consists of examining the roofline area of your home. We can then spend some time with you discussing the options and innovative solutions we offer, before working out a quotation to transform the roofline area of your home.

For further information call Craftsman today on 0800 783 6211.